LED Grow Light Bar

SMD3030 LED grow light bars, they have below features

(1) Use Taiwan Epileds SMD3030 as lighting source to ensure growing light performance, up to 18 spectral designs to ensure the growth of various plants.
(2) The light body of this series of LED plant growth lamp use aluminum material with high thermal conductivity as the main body of dispersing, and has superior heat dissipation performance, so as to prolong working life.
(3) The lP65 waterproof and dustproof rating is designed to ensure the longevity of the product and is suitable for various hazzard environments.
(4) AC85-265V input voltage and multiple input plug options, suitable for installation in different countries.
(5) A variety of installation options: suspension, surface mounted installation, to suit different installation environment.
(6) Multip beam angle 45°, 90°, 120° to suit different irradiation range; it also adopt modular design, so customer can prolong the growing light bar length per the specific onsite conditions.
(7) Warranty period: three years.