LED Grow Light Box

LED grow light boxes were designed to help the growth of indoor and outdoor flowers, vegetables with the concept of minimum installation work for users,  lowest power consumption, fullest light spectrum. LVT LED grow light box can be divided into three categories:

COB LED grow light box with reflector cup, they have below features

(1) LVT COB LED grow light box with reflector cup series LED full spectrum plant growing lamp adopts patented COB+ reflective cup design, and has passed several international certification, the chip is perfectly fit and highly efficient;
(2) COB LED Chip: It is a plurality of Cree LED chips packaged together as a lighting module, which has small thermal resistance, larger heat dissipation area, so as to achieve better lighting effect and higher light efficiency;
(3) Reflective cup: It can control the illumination distance and illumination area, and has the function of concentrating light, reducing light loss and improving the utilization of light.
(4) Single 3W high power full spectrum Cree LED chip integration to meet various plant growth needs;
(5) 50,000 hours of long life span, withstand 6 years continuosly running without turning off the lights;
(6) Each lamp ( cup ) uses a separate solar flower style radiator to dissipate heat, avoiding temperature problems and reducing light decay, ensuring safety and scientific usage of growing lamps;
(7) LVT COB LED grow light box with reflector cup series plant growth lamp adopts separate switch, which can switch lights according to required demands, so as not to waste electricity;
(8) AC85~265 universal input voltage, suitable for various plants and all the countries, regions.
(9) The products and all important components have passed CE, RoHS, FCC, PSE and other certifications to ensure safe and efficient lights for indoor and outdoor plants.

Below are detailed list of LVT reflector cup series COB LED grow light box: