Advantages and disadvantages of LED plant growing lights

Lvt LED plant growing lights with features of waterproof and moisture-proof, and can be used freely for indoor and outdoor palnts to help and speed up the growth. Low labor intensity need, easy to operate, suitable for many vegetables, fruits, flowers. Today we would like to share its common advantages and disadvantages.
LED plant growing light advantages:
(1) Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED plant lights do not contain heavy metals. They use a green light source and are ideal for green production.
(2) LED plant lights are not fragile and will not be a problem when colliding, making them ideal for use on farms.
(3) LED plant lights have low energy consumption and can save the cost of light compensation.
(4) LED plant lights have a long service life. In theory, ordinary LED plant lights can last up to 100,000 hours.
Also, LVT LED plant growing lights with below features:
Power factor: > 97%
Total harmonic distortion: < 15%
Junction temperature: <90 °C
Wavelength: blue light 470nm; red light 630nm
(Note: any wavelength LED plant lights can be customized according to specific needs)

Of course, all things have advantages and disadvantages, LED plant light has it disadvantages too:
(1) Luminous angle: Traditional plant lighting can emit 360 degrees, while LED plant lights can’t do it, LVT LED grow light with beam angle of 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 120 degrees.
(2) Heat dissipation: Because the power of LED plant lights is relatively large, the heat generated during work is relatively large. If the heat is not discharged in time, the service life of the LED will be reduced, so the lamps need to be equipped with a fan to dissipate heat.
(3) Volume: high power LED plant lights have more built-in components, larger than traditional lamps.
(4) The market: LED plant lights as a new environmentally friendly products, the cost is still relatively high, can not be quickly accepted by the market, but also requires a certain running-in period. However, more and more farmers, gardeners are turning to LED plant growing lights as LED growing lights represent the market trends.

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