Why power supply is important for LED plant growing lights ?

When we buy LED plant lights, the most concerned is always the quality of the LED chips, the ratio of the LED chips, the wattage of the LED chips etc., but ignores the power supply, however, the LED plant light power supply as a participants of the complete LED plant light have an extremely important existence.

LED plant light power supply is an electronic component that uses electric resistance and circuit connection to control voltage and current to achieve stable lamp power, it is also called LED plant light adapter. LED plant light power supply has two core functions, transformer and rectification.

Transformer feature of LED plant light power supply

We know that each LED plant lamp LED chip can withstand a small voltage, has its rated voltage, 1W LED chip voltage is 2.9 to 3.5V, 3W LED chip working voltage is 3.1 to 4.5V, household voltage is generally about 110V/220V, if the AC directly connect to the LED plant lamp LED chips, will inevitably burn out the LED chips, we need to use power supply for voltage transformation, so that the voltage acting on a single LED chip in the range of the rated voltage.

Transformer is not a simple series connection, because we all know the principle of series voltage division, but in the process of actual use, it is inevitable that individual LED plant light chips have the shortest service life, and one has the longest service life, if it is simple connect the LED chips in series, after one LED chip is damaged, all other LED chips will not be used, so the role of the power supply is to ensure that each LED plant lamp LED chips can reach the rated voltage range, each LED chips can operate independently, and the rated voltage of the red and blue LED chip is different too, so it also needs to be separately controlled by the power supply, and each LED plant light chip can work normally.

Rectification feature of LED plant light power supply

Generally, whether it is household electricity or commercial electricity, three-phase alternating current is used, and LED plant light chips and even all LED products can only use direct current, so it is necessary to use LED plant light power supply to convert alternating current into direct current, then the current can be used for LED plant lamp chips.

As with the control voltage, each lamp chip needs to be controlled separately to ensure the stability of the growing lamp when it is used.

Each LED chip has to reach its rated power to fully illuminate, to efficiently provide light for the plants, according to power (P) = voltage (U) * current (I), the power is determined by voltage and current, it is necessary to control the voltage and current to maximize the efficacy of the LED plant lamp chip to ensure the maximum efficiency of the LED plant growing lights.

LVT LED plant growing lights always equipped with high quality certfied power supply, if you are familiar with LED industry, you can also specify your favorite power supply brand before you placing an new order.

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