Main components inside a complete LED plant growing light

LED plant growing lamp as a special light source for plant lighting, although its production process has been relatively mature, but its price is still high, there are home usage LED plant lights cost below 30$, the price is not too high; there are also a few high power commercial LED plant lights which cost several hundred dollars, what are the hidden parts inside the lamp? Let’s take a look at what components are included in a complete LED plant growing light in this article.

(1) LED plant light lighting source (LED chip)
It is the most core components of LED plant growing lamp which emit spectrum for plants. The quality of LED chip also determines the quality of LED plant growth lamps. At present, LED plant lamp chips used in China are mainly imported from abroad.

(2) LED plant light power supply (adapter)
LED plant light chip needs low-voltage direct current to emit light, and whether it is commercial electricity or household electricity, it is AC. The plant growth lamp power supply is a device which reduces the high voltage and converts AC power into DC power, then the DC power will be assigned to each LED chip.

(3) LED plant light cooling device (fan, heat sink etc)
The luminous efficiency of LED plant lamp chip is related to temperature. It decreases with the increase of temperature in the normal temperature range, and temperature also has an effect on the light decay and life span of the lamp. The function of the cooling device is to ensure the efficient and long-lasting operation of the LED plant growing lamp.

(4) LED plant light cover (glass cover, acrylic cover etc)
The main function of the LED plant light cover is dustproof and protecting the light. The glass cover and the acrylic cover are common covers used for LED plant light in the market. The glass cover has good light transmission, is not easy to be deformed, is heavy and fragile, and the acrylic cover is light in weight, non-fragile, variability and unfavorable to environmental protection.

(5) LED plant light lens / reflector cup
The role of the lens and the reflector cup is to use the physics theory of light to change the trajectory of the light to achieve the concentrating effect, and to ensure the efficient usage of light emitted by the LED plant lamp. The lens changes its propagation trajectory by the refraction of light, and the reflector changes the trajectory of the light by the reflection of the light.

(6) LED plant light housing (plastic housing, metal housing etc)
The main function of the plant growth light housing is to protect the LED plant lamp from damage during transportation, installation and usage, or protect the operation staff from electric shock, and also increase the additional value of the lamp, there are mainly metal (stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy etc) housing and plastic housing in the market, in which the metal housing is used at a high rate.

(7) LED plant light internal plastic link device
Covering bare wires, mainly for insulation purpose, preventing electricity leakage from affecting the safety of users, and secondly, fixing the components inside the lamps.

(8) LED plant light aluminum pcb board
The LED plant lamp chip is directly connected to the aluminum pcb board, and the main purpose of the aluminum PCB board is fix the LED chips and dissipates heat.

(9) LED plant light smart control device
Some LED plant growth lights need intelligent control. For example, they are used in LED plant light tents, LED plant lamp factories where need timer, or simulate the phenomenon of natural sunrise and sunset light. It is necessary to add smart control devices inside the lamps to achieve remote control.

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