How to choose good LED plant growing lamp manufacturer in China?

Relatively speaking, the LED plant growing lamp industry is still a blue ocean industry, but with the rapid development of the LED plant growing lamp industry in recent years, there are more and more LED plant manufacturers appeared.
Due to the high technical requirements, most LED plant lamp manufacturers can be regarded as regular manufacturers, but there are still some bad companies in this industry, please be careful when purchasing LED plant lights, otherwise you can not get what you have paid for.
Regarding the choice of LED plant lamp manufacturers, here are a few suggestions:
(1) Look at the operating years of LED plant lights manufacturers, you can ask the supplier to provide you the business license copy, they should operating for at least three years; or you can ask your ship agent or friend in China to call them, and you can judge depends on their communication feeback.
(2) See if the manufacturers has their own workshops, many LED plant lamp traders are playing the game of factory direct sales, actually they even don’t know what are their products like. Actually regular manufacturers usually have their own official website, the corresponding sales channel on B2B platform such as,,; then just ask customer service some question related to the products, regular manufacturers are generally given more professional answer.
(3) See if the LED plant lamp manufacturer has at least one relevant certification (such as CCC certification, CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification, SAA certification, UL certification, ETL certification etc) to ensure product quality is qualified;
(4) You should know some related knowledge about LED plant growing lamp, such as LED chip, structure, power supply, lens, reflector, cob, SMD … so as to make better judgments when encountering problems;
(5) Defining the specified demand for LED plant lights, and requesting LED plant lamp manufacturers to customize related products according to your requirements.
Based on the above five points to analyze a LED plant growing lamp manufacturer, if they can pass it, then at least it can be proved that this is a regular LED plant lamp manufacturer, and the rest is the connection between the LED plant lamp manufacturer’s products and your needs!

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