Full spectrum LED plant growing light function and advantages

What is a full spectrum LED plant growing light ?

The full spectrum LED plant growing lamp is a complementary light source for plant growth developed by simulating the solar spectrum. The visible light in the spectrum with reasonable portion from the 385NM blue light to the 780NM red light, and the light curve simulates the shape of the solar spectrum. The color temperature similar with daylight color at 10:00 in the morning, with strong color rendering ability and small color temperature drift, high light efficiency, high luminious flux, can fully meet the requirements of greenhouse plant lighting.

Full spectrum LED plant growing light function

The full spectrum LED plant growth lamp was artificial light source with full spectrum developed based on the principle of plant growth and simulating the ratio of solar spectrum, with wide radiation range and brightness of more than 100 lumen per watt, which truly meets the requirements of green and energy-save lighting.
It can used as a supplemental light for agricultural greenhouses, light can be enhanced at any time of the day to help plants with photosynthesis. Especially in the winter months, you can extend the effective lighting time. Whether at dusk or at night, the illumination required by plants can be effectively extended and scientifically controlled without affected by any environmental changes.

Full spectrum LED plant growth light advantages

The full spectrum LED plant growth light was developed according to the wavelength range of sunlight required for plant growth and the required illumination. The rational usage of this light can not only help breeding and growing under conditions that are not suitable for plant growth, but also accelerate crops breeding and shortening the growth cycle of crops, eliminating the occurrence of pests and diseases.

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