Three common misunderstandings when purchasing LED plant lights

When you purchasing LED plant lights, you would heard that LED plant growth lights are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, long life span, high efficiency etc. This is an indisputable fact, however some performance was exaggerated, the three common misunderstandings when purchasing LED plant lights are as below:

(1) The life span of LED plant growing lights is equal to the working time of LED plant growing lights

At present, most LED lighting fixture manufacturers can achieve the life span of LED plant lights for more than 50,000 hours. This life is the theory life that the lamps can be used. There is no indication of the factors of light decay and technical replacement.
The light decay of LED plant growth lamps includes many aspects. On the one hand, the lamp chip itself, any illuminating lamp brightness will decrease after working for a long time.
On the other hand, accessories, including wires, cob panels, lenses, cover etc., will age after a long time, even if it is replaced with new LED chips, it is impossible to achieve the best plant lighting effect as before.
Talking about the technical replacement of lamps, who knows what will happen after ten years? Every year, new products will be launched, and the performance will definitely be better than before. At this time, should you buy new ones or not? Perhaps one day LED plant lights will be replaced by the next generation of other emerging light sources. Should you buy new ones or not then?

(2) The higher the power, the greater the brightness, the better the effect

Power refers to the power consumption of LED plant growth light in a given time, and it has no direct relationship with LED plant growth light supplement effect. If a regular LED plant growth lamp produced by a manufacturer is irradiated with a small pot of aloe vera, the same luminous area and illumination angle, 24w LED plant lights hanging at 50cm height can meet their growth needs, why you need a 100W LED plant growth lamp placed at 100cm height? The key factor we should pay attention to is workmanship, quality and effectiveness.
Brightness is the definition of light perception by human eyes. The perception of light by plants is calculated according to illumination lux, it is not the brighter that the human eye feels, the better effect of plant LED light will be. We’d better choose different LED chip ratios according to different stages of plant growth, to achieve the optimal growth during plants’ different stage.

(3) LED plant growth lamp is a cold light source that will not burn plants

LED plant lights are cold light sources, which are relative to other plant growth lights. All products related to electricity will generate heat. At present, there is no photoelectric conversion source that can achieve 100% photoelectric conversion, more or less a part of electricity will be converted into heat, it is same for LED plant lights too.
A low power LED plant growth lamp can illuminate the plant at a very close distance, especially for the stage of germination. However, if the LED plant growing lamp is attached to the plant, the heat of the LED plant growth lamp radiated to the plant for a long time will also burn the plant, needless to say the high power LED plant lights, just look at the cooling fan behind the high power LED plant lights, you will understand.

Therefore, the first thing we need to do when purchasing LED plant growth lamps is from the perspective of plant growth needs, and determine a plant lamp that is really suitable for the growth of your own plants. When using the lamp, pay attention to the illumination distance, the interval between the lamps, and the lamp working hours etc.

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